Owner Prospectus


West Coast Holidays Owner Promise

At West Coast Holidays we believe in creating lifetime customers and in order to do that we are constantly striving to exceed our customer expectations. Doing this is only possible when we have a transparent productive relationship with you the home owner. We provide all the marketing expertise you would expect from a leading self catering company. (We can guarantee you that we will attract the type of client that will treat your home with the respect it deserves.) We have 25 years of experience behind us and have built up relationships with marketing partners and lifetime customers. We offer a real partnership.

West Coast Holidays Owner Promise

  1. We promote your property at home and abroad both online and with our travel agent partners.
  2. We deliver excellent customer care to our holiday makers which results in repeat business creating lifetime customers.
  3. Complete transparency in our accounting procedures which are open to you at any time.
  4. We offer a free property inspection, refurbishment programmes and unlimited advice on how to position your property, on-going maintenance and classification of your property.

Payment Terms

At West Coast Holidays we understand that cash-flow and knowing exactly when you will receive payments are very important issues in running your holiday home. We send payments to all owners on the receipt of invoice and we NEVER delay payments.
We treat our customers and our home owners with integrity and honesty at all times and will work with you to resolve any issues or concerns. That’s one reason why many of our owners have been with us for over 25 years.